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Here at Prolific Acres, we raise 3 types of sheep for Breeding Stock as well as producing Premium Grain-Fed Lamb for consumption.  We finish all our lambs on non-GMO grains.

Our flock is MV Test Negative
ROMANOVS - "Lambs by the Litter"

The Romanovs are a pure gene (not crossed with anything).  They are the only breed of sheep that reliably breeds ALL YEAR ROUND. They regularly produce twins & triplets, sometimes more......depending on how often you lamb them and how you feed them. 
The Romanov rams are the most active breeders of any breed of sheep, year round,  therefore make the best "Teasers" for synchronizing your flock's breeding and lambing time.

Ile de France

In July '09 we added Ile de France to our repertoire.  They impressed us with their 4" - 5" square loin eye, out of season breeding ability, being very broody dams, having superior muscling and a lambing average of 180%.  So, in addition to the ram we already had, we purchased 10 Registered IDF sheep from John Barnett of Kingsville at his dispersal sale.  Unfortunately there are very few purebred breeders of this breed in Canada, and John was the main one in Ontario.  We are breeding pure to build female Registered numbers.  I have 4 sire lines, and all are very, very impressive.  The dams are also very meaty, wide, boxy and quite long bodied as well.   We sell Registered IDF Ram lambs every year and sell out very quickly! 

IDF Rams also make for excellent Terminal sires.  They are very diligent breeders, with high libido and put plenty of meat on the lambs!


We have some Booroola gene carrying sheep, which is a gene in their DNA that causes them to have 1.1 more lambs at each lambing. We have some IDF Booroola ewe & Ram Lambs available each year.  This gene can be put into any breed you desire to increase lambing percentages of your flock.  We never mix Romanov with the Booroola genetics.

We keep very strict records here on our farm.  We feel the details are important.

We do an annual MV Test on the whole flock.   We have ZERO positive animals.

Please feel free to ask questions about our sheep anytime.

I am always willing to help a new shepherd in finding the information they require to aid them in their new quest.

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I am an experienced sheep exporter and can arrange to have the breed of your choice exported to your country, upon request.
Please be aware that prices quoted here are for local sales and exporting prices can be significantly higher because of the many health protocols that must be adhered to for Health Certificates to the destination country as well as transportation.

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