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I became impressed with the Ile de France breed of sheep in 2006.  They are a white sheep, and are used as the premium meat sire in France.   They are very heavilly muscled sheep and have recorded loin eyes as large as 4 - 5 square inches!   The are also out of season breeders regularly producing 3 crops of lambs in 2 yrs.  As an added bonus their lambing average is 1.8 on average, although prolificacy is somewhat lower out of season.  They are dual purpose sheep that are particularly excellent feed converters on pasture and have a nice tight top quality fleece.  I have found them to be very broody dams and very durable.  The lambs are born with a tight fleece to protect them from the elements.  They are very hardy sheep and produce a top notch fast growing, premium carcass.  The breed has been carefully and diligently performance tested to continue to produce uniform breed charcteristics for meat and maternal qualities.  I believe the IDF could easily replace the current most common breeds here in Canada.
In January '08 I purchased a ram lamb born in 2007 from John Barnett, the only purebred Registered breeder of IDF in Ontario.   I was very impressed with his length, and width and so were the judges in the show rings when I was able to find the time to show.  I don't think I had ever seen a sheep more perfectly proportioned and so very well muscled.  We named him "Brutus" and he is registered at CLRC as such.  MOF 635 T.
In July '09 I purchased another 10 IDF at Barnett's dispersal sale in an effort to have enough unrelated lines to carry me through breeding pure for some time without heavilly inbreeding.  I currently have 3 ram lines to prevent inbreeding and increase Registered numbers.  For this reason unfortunately I won't have any ewe lambs for sale for the time being, but  a few ram lambs ocasionally.  I expect I will import more embryos and semen in future (as John had done) to continue increasing numbers of this very valuable, hardy, dual purpose breed.
UPDATE!....2010...We now have 5 new January born ewe lambs (1 set of triplets) to add to the flock numbers. 
We have another 5 IDF Ewe lambs to add to the flock.  We had 2 sets of triplets born this year.  We have 5 Registered IDF Ram lambs born this spring for sale, but going fast!  We have a 2 yr old IDF Ram for sale.  Very impressive!
Our flock is now MV Test Negative!
We have now grown the IDF flock to 50 ewes, allowing us to not only make Top Performing Registered Ram lambs available, and possibly some Registered ewe lambs.
This year, we are lambing the IDF's from April - May, thus will have lambs available beginning in July.  The ram lambs are averaging 1lb/day gains and selling FAST!
Only ram lambs that gain 1 lb/day + will be ram prospects, the rest go in the freezer.
We plan to lamb some in Jan/Feb and will finally have some ewe lambs available, as well as top gaining Ram Lambs. 


I am an experienced sheep exporter and can arrange to have the breed of your choice exported to your country, upon request.
Please be aware that prices quoted here are for local sales and exporting prices can be significantly higher because of the many health protocols that must be adhered to for Health Certificates to the destination country as well as transportation.

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