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All of our poultry products are raised here on our farm, for the purpose of variety of selection for ourselves.  We prefer healthy, organic, sustainable agriculture, so we have sourced ONLY Non-GMO feeds for our animals.  As a result, all of our poultry has acheived higher gains than even the hatcheries predicted.
We choose to raise Bronze Turkeys, White Rock chickens and some years a few ducks. 
The chickens are killed at 8 - 9 weeks of age, averaging 6 - 10 lbs cleaned. We have them processed in early June.  They are professionally frozen, vaccuum packed and weighed with the kill date listed.
The Turkeys are killed a month prior to Thanksgiving and are frozen and ready for you to pick up at any time after that.  In 2012 we killed the Turkeys at 12 weeks and they weighed between 10 - 15 lbs!  I believe they gained better on the non-GMO feed than conventional.
When we have them, The Pekin Ducks are killed at 8 weeks of age and average 4.5 lbs each.  The Muscovy are killed at 14 weeks and females weigh 4 - 5 lbs and the males weigh 7 lbs on average.  The Pekins are more tender because they are the youngest when killed, but the Muscovies are the leanest ducks and still very tasty.
We also have some of the turkeys and chickens cut into pieces, as follows;
- Thighs
- Drumsticks
- Wings
- Soup (Necks, backs)
- Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts
- Turkey Breast, with bone/skin
 2014 Chicken Prices and availability:  
$4/lb for Roasting Chickens
Slaughter: Sept26/14

Roasting Chickens


I am an experienced sheep exporter and can arrange to have the breed of your choice exported to your country, upon request.
Please be aware that prices quoted here are for local sales and exporting prices can be significantly higher because of the many health protocols that must be adhered to for Health Certificates to the destination country as well as transportation.

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