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Farm Overview
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We have a flock of approximately 200 ewes to supply fresh, year round premium lean, grain-fed lamb to consumers.

We have a returning customer base that appreciates the care and concern we take in creating the best tasting lamb possible without the use of hormones or antibiotics.  We take pride in meeting our discerning customer demands and are always open to improvement suggestions.

Due to customer demand for mild flavoured meat and to ensure tenderness, we do not pasture our lambs.  This way, they gain quickly on a grain diet, without the risk of parasites and predation and are young, therefore very tender.
Our newborn lambs are offered a free-choice textured grain mix prepared daily on the farm.  It consists of barley, oats, corn and roasted soybeans.  We have consulted with OMAFRA to design this palatable natural grain mix and ensure it meets all their needs in addition to the milk they get from their dams.

The heavy lambs for the freezer are finished on whole barley and oats to prevent surplus fat cover.  Nobody wants to pay premium meat price for uneccesary fat deposits.

We also provide Registered Breeding Stock to other sheep producers.
We keep very detailed flock records.  Every lamb is tagged at birth prior to removal from the claiming pen to ensure an accurate ID.  We only use single-sire mating to ensure tracking of lineages and recording of accurate data.  All Breeding Stock prospects are double tagged at birth to prevent misinformation due to loss of tags.  We register using the Double Tagging system using Combo RFID/CSIP tags as per national standards so our sheep are eligible to be sold across all of Canada as well as for exports.  We find them to be very readable and loss of tags are almost non-existent when applied correctly.
We offer Registered and Purebred (unregistered) Romanovs (RV), Registered Ile de France (IDF) & ocassionally IDF x RV lambs.
We have diverse bloodlines and doing our utmost to prevent/reduce any inbreeding.   We successfully lobbied CLRC to have an inbreeding calculator made available to all Registered breeders to aid in reducing inbreeding in purbred flocks.
We have never had an incidence of Scrapie, nor a suspected case in the 20+ years we have been sheep farming.
In 2011 we began doing annual "whole flock" MV Tests to eliminate any MV in the flock.  In 2013 we received "MV Test-Negative Status" and will continue annual testing to confirm.
The flock is closed, with no new purchases to be made unless from similar or higher flock status to prevent any possible disease transmission to our healthy flock.
As of 2012 we were using BioFlock for Genetic Evaluations.
2014 we plan to join the Genovis Genetic Evaluation program.


I am an experienced sheep exporter and can arrange to have the breed of your choice exported to your country, upon request.
Please be aware that prices quoted here are for local sales and exporting prices can be significantly higher because of the many health protocols that must be adhered to for Health Certificates to the destination country as well as transportation.

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