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Our Market Lambs are 2 - 6 mos old and fed non-GMO grains.  We do not pasture our lambs, to prevent coyote predation & parasite infestations that would slow growth and toughen the meat.  We do not enjoy the strong taste of pasture fed lamb.  We prefer the mild, tender meat of grain-fed lambs which is what we offer to our customers and are in great demand by butchers.
*The lambs are finished on Whole Oats and/or Barley with some fat cover to a maximum of 110 lbs liveweight.

Individual Cuts

Deboned Roast or Rack of Lamb

Loin / Rib / Sirloin Chops / Steaks

Whole Leg Roast (Bone-In)
Premium Ground (whole lamb ground)
Ribs / Shanks

(killed, cut/wrapped, Vacuum Packed, boxed)
Based on killed weight;
25 lb carcass: 
30 lb carcass:
35 lb carcass:
40 lb carcass:
45 lb carcass: 
50 lb carcass:
55 lb carcass:
60 lb carcass:

under 50 lbs

50 - 59 lbs

60 - 69 lbs
70 - 79 lbs
80 - 89 lbs
90 - 99 lbs
100 - 109 lbs
110 lbs +
Live lamb prices are only for the lamb itself, the customer is responsible for pickup and arrangements for slaughter at an appropriate location.





$ 9.00/lb

$ 8.00/lb






I am an experienced sheep exporter and can arrange to have the breed of your choice exported to your country, upon request.
Please be aware that prices quoted here are for local sales and exporting prices can be significantly higher because of the many health protocols that must be adhered to for Health Certificates to the destination country as well as transportation.

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