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Romanovs are a true, pure unimproved sheep breed.  They are not a cross of anything, unlike the majority of sheep breeds today.  They are not a man made breed selected for any traits.  They are as nature made them the way you see them today.  As a result, there is absolutely no need to select for multiple births, since this breed is very stable in it's production.  They have very, very few singles, and there is usually a reason ie. very young at first breeding, very old ewe, poor condition, low feed during breeding/pregnancy.
One of the most important points about this breed that has always impressed me, is that due to the streamlined body build of the Romanovs, they do not usually experience lambing difficulties.  The lambs are never too large for them to birth.  I have witnessed many RV ewes lambing standing up.  It almost seems effortless to them.
This breed will respond to feeding and management conditions according to your production choice.;
If you were to lamb them out every 7 months, you would experience mostly twins, with a few triplets born.  However, if you hold them back (since they naturally breed year round) and choose to only lamb them once a year in the spring, you will experience the highest lambing rates and get 3 - 6 lambs born per ewe with Quadruplets being the average.  There are not many Quints and Sextuplets born; only a fraction of a %, and usually under the highest body condition scores at breeding time and high feeding regimes. 
RV ewes can feed triplets and quads, provided they are not a first time lamber, are grown well enough to have good uterine capacity and udder capacity and have the necessary nutrition provided to them to do so.  The lambs should also have creep feed available to them from birth.  This breed seems to get onto creep feed younger than any other breed I have experienced raising.  They are more inquisitive, not lazy by any means.
Romanov lambs have an extremely high "will to live" and are extremely vigorous at birth, despite their fine bone structure.  They are very hardy and extremely resourceful. 
Romanov lambs are born with a black hair coat, and grow wool mixed in as they age.  This dual coat (Hair/Wool) sheds itself partially or completely during the summer months or commonly at lambing. 

Romanovs have a naturally short tail, that does not require docking.  Possibly because of this feature, I have never had a Romanov ewe prolapse.

Romanovs have no wool on their face, head, legs, tail, belly, udder & anus, which makes lambing time much cleaner, and the lambs have no trouble finding their all-important first meal.  We never experience wool blindness in our lambs.
Romanov Rams are the most active year round breeders in the world as this breed has the highest libido worldwide!  Romanov Ewes are also fertile all year round and can provide 2 lamb crops per year, if managed properly and fed extremely well.  They can breed back 30 - 40 days after lambing, even with lambs still suckling, and still produce twins.  Basically, you can schedule Purebred Romanovs to lamb at any time of the year to suit your marketing desires.

Romanovs are the most fertile sheep in the world!  It is commonplace for them to have their first set of twins at 1 yr of age.  If you feed them well enough to get them to 90-100 lbs liveweight by 7 mos of age, you can breed them then and they will lamb their first set of twins at 12 mos of age.  They will mother them BOTH, unlike many other breeds.  This is the Queen of Mother Breeds of sheep!  They WANT their lambs!  It is very rare for an RV ewe to reject a lamb.
Romanov Lambs of both sexes have been known to be fertile as young as 70 days of age, so preventatively ram lambs should either be castrated at birth or weaned at 60 - 70 days of age to prevent unwanted pregnancies, particularly in ewe lambs.  Romanov Ewe lambs have been known to lamb at 7 - 8 mos of age due to this phenomena.

Because of the Romanovs extremely high year round libido, Romanov rams are the most effective to use for "Teasers".   A "Teaser" is often used to synchronize the ewe flock, so that lambing time is more condensed to better utilize lambing sheds and farm labour.  It also creates a nice, even group of lambs for marketing purposes.

Vasectomized Romanov "Teasers" are also used to bring seasonal ewes (ie. Texel) into heat slightly earlier in the season.  We have used "Teasers" on our Texel ewe lambs and acheived 99% catch in their first season!

50% & 25% Romanov ewes are also noted for their twinning ability and out of season breeding, even when crossed with a seasonal breed, ie. Texel, Suffolk.


I am an experienced sheep exporter and can arrange to have the breed of your choice exported to your country, upon request.
Please be aware that prices quoted here are for local sales and exporting prices can be significantly higher because of the many health protocols that must be adhered to for Health Certificates to the destination country as well as transportation.

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